Niels Saint-Viteux is specialized in graphic, photographic and motion content for outdoor brands, filmmakers and agencies. He's inspired by the outdoor environment in which he grews up.

Mountains, adventure and snowboarding are the driving forces behind his creativity.

Based in Annecy, France.

Art direction, photography, logotype, graphic design, motion design, digital branding, websites, film branding, TV ad.

Creative collaboration :
Decathlon, Simond, Quechua, Dreamscape, Forclaz, Wedze, Julbo, Redbull France, Redbulletin, L'Equipe, Freeride World Tour, IWC, Lacoste, Boucheron, MNSTR, PrimoStudio, Maxime Moulin filmmaker, PVS Company, Ivresse Films, Invade Media, Richard Permin, Sam Favret and other cool stuff.